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Radiology Department

Radiology Center is equipped with large-scale equipment: GE Sigma HDXT 3.0T whole-body magnetic resonant machine (USA), Optima 64-slice (128-layer) whole-body spiral CT machine, GE DR (digital X-ray radiography Digital Radiography) machine (USA), Hologic whole-body bone mineral density instrument (USA). The image post-processing workstation can reconstruct images from multiple directions and reverse angles, such as the transparency imagine of prosthesis implantation, coronary angiography of the heart, nerve fiber bundle imaging and full spine imaging, MRCP (magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography), MRU (magnetic resonance urography) and other functions.

Service Scope
  • In addition to the routine whole-body digital radiography DR examination, whole-body CT examination, MRI examination and bone mineral density examination, the Radiology Center also carries out a series of professional examinations with fine image technology.
  • DR: Full-length integrated imaging of spine, and both lower extremities
  • CT: 3D post-processing technique for whole body bones and joints. Head, neck, chest, belly, pelvic cavity and CT enhancement of the spine
  • MR: head angiography, DWI (diffusion weighted imaging), SWI (susceptibility weighted imaging), MRCP (magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography), myelography, articular cartilage multi-slice imaging, unilateral hip MR scanning for the head, belly, pelvic cavity, spine and MRI enhancement of lower limbs
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